Our journey started in 2015
and we have been connecting organic farmers
with families in Singapore ever since.

Our mission is to allow as many families in Singapore as possible to eat clean food. Because healthy food fuels body and mind and because we believe that changing our eating habits is essential for our future.

Affordable Organic

Our founder Claire Chabrieres has always believed that organic farming is the pathway to sustainability. But when she became pregnant with twins, she realised that if she wanted to feed each of her three children an organic pear, the cost would be $18... Crazy! Not taking no for an answer she looked at communities around the world to see how she could make organic product more affordable.

ShiokFarm was born shortly after and is inspired from the French AMAP model or community-based agriculture. With this system, a group of familles gather together and tell a farmer that they will buy all his production. Knowing his revenue is secured, the farmer can offer very competitive prices. This allows families to have regionally grown organic veggies and fruits at a very competitive price.

ShiokFarm organic fruits and veggies are on average 23% cheaper than the generic products one can find in Singapore, just because we go straight from the farm to your plate! You can read our latest price comparison article here if you would like to find out more.

shiokfarm claire chabrieres
"We are passionate about what we do and believe that every step we take collectively can actually really make a difference, in our community and for the planet. Eating food grown nearby and not on the other side of the world; Growing edible trees; Reducing, reusing, recycling; This is not only a sustainable way of living our lives, it is also the only way forward."
- Claire Chabrieres ShiokFarm Founder
shiokfarm commitment

A Commitment..

We have a commitment towards our future.

Sustainability is our guiding force. Our organic fruit and vegetables come from countries around Singapore and we avoid plastic wherever we possibly can - that means zero plastic in our bags.

The relationship with our farmers is another of our main priorities. We make regular visits to ensure quality and satisfaction remains high on both sides.

..That Works Both Ways

This program works thanks to our members' continued support. By joining our program, you allow an estimated 40% saving on food waste. Indeed, as the farmer knows what he has to grow, the food waste that usually happens with the wholesaler, importer, distributor and retailer do not happen as these intermediaries are not in the chain anymore.

Eating what is available at the market is how humanity has been feeding itself up until 50 years ago & it is sustainable for the environment.

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