For the past five years, we have been setting up partnerships with different farms across the region. All the farms are certified organic or in transition. We work mainly with farms in Malaysia and Thailand. To us at ShiokFarm, it is very important to focus on those two countries as it allows us to actually truck in the produce, instead of having to fly them in when they come from further away. This has a big impact on our carbon footprint and we care about this.

The farmers we work with are all absolutely convinced that it is important to grow fruit and vegetables organically. They understand the damage caused by chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Very often, they ask our founder Claire if people in Singapore understand the importance of eating organic. It is of course important for ones' health, but it is also important for the farmers' health.

We usually set up partnerships for two years with the farms we partner with. We agree on what will be grown and commit to buy all their harvests. This is why we encourage our members to support our project for the long term. Working like this really helps limit food waste.

We have been working with some of these farmers for quite a few years now. Padu was very happy to tell us that since he started growing organic food, his revenue has increased and he could buy a pick-up truck for his son. This meant the world for him! They are very thankful for our community's support and always ask our founder when will our community grow larger.

We are working on it! 🙂

Padu has been working with us for the past 3 years

Paew farms the same way she raises her children.

This lady grows passion fruit and loves them. She literally talks to them as she says, "they grow more beautiful". She also listens to them. When you listen to nature, it tells you what it needs.

shiokfarm our farmers
shiokfarm our farmers

Boon and his daughter

Boon told me how shocked he was when he realized that the nitrates (chemical fertilizers) that were used in the farms were going straight in the underground water reserves. He wants his family and people in his village to be able to drink water from the source without falling sick.