With the ShiokFarm's referral program you can start earning free products today! Simply share your dedicated referral link with your friends. Each time someone uses your referral link to visit our website and subscribes to one of our fruit & vegetable bags or wine boxes :

• You will earn points that you can redeem anytime

• And your friend will automatically receive a free 250ml bottle of GERACI Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil at check out

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Fruit & Vegetables Bags

Most of our bags have about 60% vegetables and 40% fruits.

Our 3.5kg Delight, 5kg Standard and 7kg Standard bags are good for families of different sizes and focus on the Dirty Dozen fruit and vegetables (those that contain the most pesticide residue when grown with traditional methods). With our 3kg Premium bag you can indulge in premium fruit and vegetables like artichoke and berries. Many of our members combine a Standard bag with a Premium bag. Our specialty bags include our 6kg Healthy Paleo Diet bag (no nightshade vegetables, mix of standard and premium bag), our 5kg Low Carb Keto bag (vegetable-heavy) and our Indian Cuisine bag. Finally, we have a 3kg Fruit bag for those of you with sweet tooth at home!

To see exactly which fruit and vegetables go into each bag, click on the bag's name.

You can also top up your bag or build your own. To do this, head to our Fruit & Vegetables section and place your order every week between Thursday and Sunday. Your order will be delivered the following week.


Coming soon

Wine boxes

Every month, we deliver to your door a mix of three or six bottles of white and red wines. Occasionally, we may substitute one of the bottles for a bottle of rosé, or a bottle of lovely bubbly wine. You can choose to receive 3 or 6 bottles every month.

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250ml GERACI Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil



One 3kg Fruit Bag



One 3kg Premium Bag



3L GERACI Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil


150+60 bonus

3L GERACI Organic Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil + one 3kg Premium Bag

*Until stocks last


If you are on this page, we want to thank you for your interest in ShiokFarm Referral Program! THANK YOU for your support, thank you for being willing to refer us to your friends. This means the world to us and whenever a new person signs up, we (literally) make a little danse at the office.

With the ShiokFarm's referral program you can start earning free bottles of 250ml of Organic, Cold Pressed and Extra Virgin Sicilian olive oil.

Simply ask your friend to give your name when they subscribe to a FLEXIBLE or to a SUPPORT OUR FARMERS program, and both of you will receive a bottle of our delicious Geraci olive oil. Note that you have to be an active subscriber of ShiokFarm to be eligible. 

Upon signing up, your friend will be asked if he is being referred by someone, when your friend will put down your name, a free bottle of olive oil will appear at check-out. Et voilà! It is as simple as that! 🙂


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a. Referral program only applies if the referred member purchases a subscription product as listed in the Fruit & Vegetable Bags page, the Fruit@TheOffice page, and the Monthly Wine Boxes page.

b. A referral will be valid only if the referred member is a new subscriber and has never subscribed to a ShiokFarm product before.

c. ShiokFarm reserves the right to change the welcome gift and redeemable products as part of the Referral Program at any time.

d. For the avoidance of doubt, the products awarded as part of this referral program are never subscriptions.

e. After the 10th Referral, customers are invited to redeem their points since points beyond the 10th referral are not unlocking products of greater value.

f. Redeeming anything will reset points to zero. Even if the value of the product redeemed is the least expensive option listed.

g. ShiokFarm reserves the right to cancel anyone’s enrollment into the Referral Program, in which case points accumulated will remain but new points won’t be added.

h. In order to receive a referral credit, the referred member must use the referral link provided by the referring member.

i. The referred member and the referring member cannot be the same individual or reside in the same household. The referred member and the referring member cannot share the same shipping address.