10 ways of being sustainable at work

  1.  Reduce waste and use reusable mugs ☕️ and cutlery ????

Using paper cups instead of plastic ones for coffee will not really solve waste as you are generating more waste. The best way to avoid such unnecessary consumption is to bring your own reusable cup or mug. P.S. You might consider one from ShiokFarm, which will be available soon for purchase. But shhh ????, that’s a surprise!

  1. Save the energy: turn off the lights ???? and unplug your electronic devices ???? when they are not being used

According to a report published in 2021 by Singapore Energy Market Authority, in 2020 Singapore’s total electricity consumption declined by 1.7% ????. However, based on the indicators for the first half of 2021, it was predicted that electricity consumption in 2021 overall will grow by 2%.

The Industrial-related sector, compared to other ones, remains the largest consumer of electricity.

  1. Reduce paper ???? waste

Using only one side of paper and throwing it once the documents are not needed anymore creates so much paper waste. Find a better use of it. For example, take notes on the opposite side. 

  1. Eat fresh, seasonal and organic ????????????????????????

ShiokFarm Office bags were actually created to allow companies to bring healthy snacks to their staff. Many companies in Singapore support our farmers, when will yours? ????

Contact us if you would like to try one of our bags. We can do trial bags!

  1. Greenery ???? in the office is very important 

Not all plants are good indoors though. But snake plants, swiss cheese plants and aloe vera are actually recommended as they boost wellbeing, productivity and happiness 🙂

  1. Team building activity: plant a tree with ShiokFarm ????

Do you have team building activities at your workplace? If so, and if you are one of the team event organisers, let us know and we will help you find a place where you can plant edible trees in Singapore!

  1. Have fun and drink organic ???? 

As a French person, I find that choosing a good wine for special occasions is really important. Why should you consider organic wines instead of conventional ones ????? Because organic wines contain less sulfites, this means less belly and headaches. Try them and your staff will thank you! As always, we encourage everyone to drink reasonably. ????

Check out our organic wine selection with ???? reasonable prices.

  1. Reduce carbon emissions and cycle or use public transport

Want to save money and stay fit at the same time? Great! Cycling or walking to work is a good exercise option for people with no time for the gym. If you really cannot avoid a car, book an electric taxi. You can also try carpooling, like GrabHitch.

  1. Optimise the usage of AC at the office

Did you know that about 30% of Singapore’s CO2 emissions are due to air con? Pause, read this sentence again. 

Did you know that air con represents 52% of the energy consumption of office buildings? 

There are different options to reduce your air con consumption, starting by accepting 26C like they do in Japan’s office buildings.????????

Another way is to optimize the aircon technology with a device made by Bizsu. Their ceramics will save 25% on your electricity bills (and CO2 emissions!). Their solution is super simple and can fit ANY aircon. Do reach out to them!

  1. Organise recycling ♻️ or waste reduction challenges in your company

Recycling and waste reduction challenges can be organised on bigger and smaller scales. For example, you may encourage a few people from your team to take a green action and track your results. Or, you can approach the whole company and organise some sort of competition among teams. 

To check out our contributions to the environment click here

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