Interview of Claire Kolly, our oldest member, and host of Sommerville Park collection point

We wanted to see our progress from the perspective of long-time members. So, I interviewed our longest supporting member: Claire Kolly. Claire received her first bag on November the 16th 2015. Today, Claire hosts Sommerville Park Collection Point.

Here’s a quick summary of what we talked about:

Q: You just heard you are the longest-serving member of ShiokFarm: you received your first bag 6 years ago! How do you feel about this?

A: Super proud, I feel like I have been a visionary client Jokes aside, it feels very fulfilling to be part of this wonderful and mission driven adventure. I am happy to have journeyed along with Shiokfarm over the past 6 years.

Q: Why is ShiokFarm important to you and aligned with your values?

A: It is important to me because if you want to eat organic in Singapore, most of the time, the produces come from far away, not to mention the excessive wrapping. So you have 2 choices: either to eat organic at a high cost for the environment or to eat local with pesticides. For me, Shiokfarm offers the best of both worlds: organic and local/regional. What I also like is that ShiokFarm makes me feel like I am making an impact, at my own level.

Q: What is your favourite development of ShiokFarm over the past 6 years?

A: The fact that there is absolutely no plastic. One other thing is the ability to top up my basket every week with other products, if I wish to. That’s really a nice addition.

Q: What do you wish to see ShiokFarm do in the next year or two? 

A: Think big! For example, engage with schools to help them offer more organic fruits and vegetables at the canteen. This would help raise awareness for both kids and parents, hopefully influencing some of their food choices at home too.

Q: A last word?

A: Keep going! Looking forward to the next 6 years 

Claire Kolly is originally from France and has been living in Singapore for the past 8 years with her family. After more than 20 years in the Human Resources field, Claire is now an independent HR Consultant & Professional Coach with her own business,

There are very few words that could explain my happiness when looking back to where we started. 

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