We have worked very hard to offer you a new range of organic meats.

Finding a good supplier has been quite a long search. We wanted:
– An organic certified farm with similar values as our’s, that will make sure the
cattle is well taken care of and slaughtered “humanely”
– The best organic meat available on the market, with the more affordable parts, such as beef cheeks, minced beef, stir-fry and beef cubes. The best meat to feed your family, at the most affordable price we can!
– Frozen meat to avoid food waste
– You can top up your box with Tomahawks for the Sunday BBQ, or beef cheeks for a stew!

Order by Monday morning 9am and receive your order on Tuesday afternoon.

As you know, the WTO is recommending 3 portions of meat per week. Please savour this meat and make sure none goes to waste. 🙏

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  • Chop board – butcher block


  • Sale Organic Beef Stir Fry Strips
    Organic Beef Stir Fry Strips 300g


  • Sale Organic Rump Steak
    Organic Rump Steak 300g


  • Organic Beef CheeksSold
    Organic Beef Cheeks 1kg
  • Organic Beef MinceSold
    Organic Beef Mince 500g


  • Organic Diced BeefSold
    Organic Diced Beef 300g


  • Organic Meat BoxSold
    Organic Meat Box
  • Organic Tomahawk SteakSold
    Organic Tomahawk Steak 700g