5 Practical Solutions to Make Singapore A Greener City

It is important to raise the level of national consciousness around the need to take individual and collective action to fight climate change for a sustainable Singapore. Because the Government cannot do it alone. — Mr Masagos Zulkifli, Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, 26 Jan 2018. 

Today, Mr Zulkifli is not alone. A recent McKinsey survey shows more than 50% of global CEOs consider sustainability to be “very important” for their company. As an island nation, rising sea levels in particular mean the threat of climate change is lapping at the very feet of Singapore.

At ShiokFarm, we believe we can all make a difference, starting with what happens in our home. With National Day around the corner, we share 5 hacks that can help us make a difference in the country we live in. ????????❤️

On top of the obvious banning of single use plastics, here are 5 hacks that can help!

1. Reduce the energy you use

  • Set your air con to 25℃: Bumping up the thermostat by just a few degrees reduces the amount of energy used by 10-15% (3-4% for every degree over 21℃)

  • Switch off and unplug: Turn out the lights when you leave the room, unplug unused appliances and shutdown your computer when not in use. These may seem like small energy savings, but it all adds up. 

  • Opt for cheaper, cleaner energy: PacificLight is a Singapore-based plant that uses Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) to provide sustainable, reliable electricity and a reduced carbon footprint. Check them out here.

2. Use more public transport

  • Using public transport is one of the best ways to reduce day-to-day emissions. When public transport is not an option, here are a few ways to reduce the number of cars on the road, reduce emissions and improve air quality so you and your loved ones can breathe easier.


    Instead of taking a Grab or a taxi alone, why not try carpooling? 

  • Ask a colleague or neighbour who takes a similar route to share your car or a taxi.
  • Use a ride-sharing app like Grabshare or Grabhitch. Also, check Grab’s Green Program on their app. Nice move!

    Go electric

    Electric cars reduce both air and noise pollution. If your company covers your taxi fees, you can ask them to switch to one of these great electric options. 

  • Blue SG is an electric car sharing service with 1,000 vehicles and charging stations throughout Singapore. 
  • HDT electric taxis: they can be booked on Grab or direct on 625 88888. SMRT Hybrid Taxis: select a hybrid Toyota Prius, it is greener and more energy efficient. 

3. Plant edible trees

Trees are your best friends to regulate CO2. They capture CO2, store it in their leaves and roots. 

By planting edible trees, you will enable the fruit to grow locally and if we all do so, we will eventually rely less on imports, which in turn will lead to less CO2 emissions. Let’s get down to it people! You just need pots and soil, you can use the seeds you find in our fruit and vegetables. 

At Shiokfarm, we run a program to encourage more locally grown edible trees. Read more here!


4. Eat less meat

The production of cattle has exponentially increased in the past few years. To feed them, farmers have to plant massive amounts of crops. To do so, they remove forests (i.e. deforestation in the Amazonia). By reducing your meat consumption, you lower CO2 emissions. 

5. Shopping sustainably

Here is an eco-friendly shop that caught our eye: The Fashion Pulpit

The Fashion Pulpit is a sustainable clothing shop that allows the public to donate and swap clothes. It is Singapore’s first and largest swapping platform, if you have not tried it yet, have a look! 

We also have other programs you might be interested with: Our “Plant a Tree” program, the 5kg Eco bag, our sustainability report. Let’s team up to make of Singapore a more sustainable place. 


We hope you will do your part to contributes to Singapore’s garden city and enhance its eco-friendliness! Do share with us what you do at home to reduce your CO2 emissions, and together, let’s make the place where we live greener! Happy National Day!

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